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Potential conflict exists in every marriage, which is why great relationships require time, energy and conscious commitment. While many couples can identify their difficult issues,
they are unable to resolve them on their own. And despite their best intentions, they continue to repeat the same patterns that lead to disconnection, frustration and pain.

For over 33 years, I have been helping couples to break free of obstacles and shift patterns that don’t serve them. Consider this possibility: The issue may not be the issue! It is the way a couple tries to deal with the issue that frequently becomes the problem. I continually observe this dynamic during sessions as couples attempt to resolve issues about sex, money, household responsibilities and parenting.

I have had the privilege of working with couples on a variety of relationship issues including:

  • improving communication & conflict resolution skills

  • enhancing sexual and emotional intimacy

  • learning the skills to “fight fairly” – please read my article

  • rebuilding trust after an emotional or sexual affair

  • overcoming gridlock over money matters

  • transforming codependent patterns

  • learning to express feelings constructively

  • ending repetitive arguments and power struggles

  • transforming dysfunctional patterns learned in one’s family

  • resolving co-parenting & stepfamily challenges

In premarital counseling I help couples prepare for their marriage as they plan for their wedding. I’ll assist you with issues such as:

  • improving communication skills

  • exploring essential compatibilities

  • identifying areas of difference that could be a source of future conflict

  • clarifying roles and responsibilities regarding careers, finances, parenting & in-laws

  • establishing boundaries with previous relationship partners

  • deepening the many dimensions of marital intimacy – physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual

  • creating a shared relationship vision


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I work with people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds

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