Holistic Psychotherapy & Counseling

Holistic Healing For Body, Mind & Spirit. Help for PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

Struggling with Life Issues?

Feeling Confused, Anxious or Depressed?

As a licensed psychotherapist I help people experience healing and change within themselves and their relationships. I will help you move in a direction that is deeply satisfying and reflects who you really are.

Because talk therapy is rarely enough to address the root cause of our suffering and distress, I have created a holistic approach that integrates research supported tradition and nontraditional therapy. My work embraces the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

My areas of specialization:
EMDR Therapy Anxiety
Depression PTSD & Panic
Sexual Abuse Grief Counseling
Codependency Relationships
Life Purpose Self Esteem
Divorce Coparenting 


Anxiety & Depression

My approach when treating anxiety and depression is holistic in nature. I believe the most optimal treatment will recognize the inner play of the body, the mind (our mental habits), our social relationships and our spiritual nature.

My intention is to help you get at the root cause of your distress – not just focus on your symptoms, as allopathic medicine tends to do. Together we will create a path towards healing in the midst of a world which can feel overwhelming.

Please read my article for more information on the treatment of anxiety and depression.

EMDR Therapy, Trauma & PTSD Counseling

For the last 28 years I have been helping people heal trauma. I consider EMDR to be the most effective therapy for rapidly resolving traumatic experiences such as emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The effectiveness of EMDR has been clinically established in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and panic attacks. I have also found it to be extremely effective when helping people who are struggling with grief, depression and anxiety.

Please see my EMDR page for more information.

Relationship Counseling for Individuals

According to clinical research, doing our own work to create better intimate relationships is an investment in our overall health and wellbeing. In individual psychotherapy I help with relationship issues such as:

  • transforming codependent relationship patterns
  • ending patterns of self-sabotage and acting out
  • setting limits & establishing healthy boundaries
  • transforming anger into a constructive force
  • resolving trust issues and fears of commitment
  • clarifying whether to stay in, or leave a relationship
  • healing & renewal after a relationship breakup

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I work with people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds

Licensed Professional Counseling
29 Years Experience

Serving Boulder since 1990