Co-parenting After Divorce

Helping you help your children through the divorce.

In The Good Divorce, Constance Ahrons writes: “Is divorce good? The answer is a resounding ‘no’.” “But if divorce isn’t good, is there such a thing as a good divorce? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.”

Despite what our feelings are at the time, there are opportunities in times of crisis. My experience teaching court-approved co-parenting seminars for divorcing couples in Boulder County has deepened my understanding of both the difficulties and the opportunities inherent within the divorce process. During these years I have witnessed the healing and adaptation that occurs within families when parents work together to make cooperative decisions.

In family therapy or individual counseling for teens and adults, I help with issues such as the following:

  • understanding and embracing normal reactions to divorce
  • minimizing the effects of anxiety and depression
  • learning ways to communicate more skillfully
  • employing anger management strategies
  • moving from conflict to cooperation (cooperative parenting)
  • creating healthy boundaries
  • understanding the best interests of children
  • healing the loss of the family unit, friends, home, etc.
  • minimizing stress for children during transitions between Mom’s house and Dad’s house
  • creating order and consistency
  • recognizing common ground and similar intentions
  • managing the stress of single parenting
  • understanding the dynamics of dating and remarriage
  • forgiveness and compassion
  • adjusting to becoming a blended family
  • moving on and personal renewal

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Divorce Counselor with extensive training and experience in family therapy, co parenting, divorce counseling, single parenting and step family adjustment. I provide individual and family counseling for adults, teens, couples and families in Denver & Boulder, CO.

In addition to having taught court-approved co-parenting seminars in Boulder County, I also served as the Clinic Coordinator of the Family Therapy Training Center of Colorado.

I have taught in the Contemplative Psychotherapy program at Naropa University in Boulder as well.


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I work with people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds

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