holistic counseling psychotherapy couples therapy

Holistic Counseling for
Body, Mind & Spirit

Experience health and healing at a core level. Get lasting results rapidly with holistic psychotherapy integrating research supported traditional counseling and nontraditional therapy.

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marriage counseling couples premarital therapy

Marriage Counseling
Couples Therapy
Premarital Counseling

Great relationships require time, energy and commitment. For nearly 30 years I have been helping couples restore and deepen their love, intimacy and respect. Please allow me to help you and your partner.

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emdr therapy ptsd trauma counseling

EMDR Therapy
PTSD Counseling

EMDR Therapy has been clinically shown to provide rapid and lasting relief of PTSD, panic and trauma. I have also found it to be helpful when treating grief and loss, anxiety and depression.

Please contact me to learn about this cutting edge therapy.

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holistic psychotherapy counseling psychotherapist help

Holistic Psychotherapy & Counseling

I have created a holistic therapeutic approach integrating research supported traditional therapy and nontraditional therapy. Begin moving in a direction that is more deeply satisfying and expresses who you really are.

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premarital counseling couples pre marriage

Premarital Counseling

All couples have potential areas of conflict. It helps enormously to know about them before they come up as problems in your marriage. In a safe environment we’ll identify these areas and create strategies for working through them. Please allow me to help you lay the foundation for a lasting, loving marriage.

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holistic psychotherapy body mind spirit

My Therapeutic Approach

There is no therapeutic approach that works for everyone. Since “talk therapy” isn't always enough, I have created a holistic approach that integrates both traditional and nontraditional psychotherapy.

My work embraces the whole person - body, mind and spirit.

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co-parenting divorce coparenting cooperative parents

After Divorce

All loving parents want to minimize the adverse effects of divorce on their children. I taught court-approved cooperative parenting seminars to divorcing parents to achieve this goal. That same expertise guides my practice today. Please allow me to help.

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Marriage &

1Potential conflict exists in every relationship, which is why great relationships require time, energy and commitment. While many couples can identify their difficult issues, they are often unable to resolve them.  [More…]


2 I have worked extensively with trauma since 1990. I have found EMDR to be the most effective form of therapy when helping people to rapidly resolve traumatic experiences, panic attacks and
PTSD.  [More…]


3 As a licensed psychotherapist I help people experience healing and lasting change within themselves and their relationships. Embracing body, mind and spirit my holistic approach honors the whole person.  [More…]



Prepare for your marriage as you’re planning your wedding. All couples have potential areas of conflict. It helps enormously to know about them before they come up as troubling problems in your marriage.  [More…]